Underground Vacuum Installations

underground vacuum installations

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Underground Vacuum Installations Utility Mining Vehicle for Underground Mining

As a result of cooperation with Norilsk Nickel (the world’s largest producer of palladium, one of the largest producers of Nickel, platinum and copper), Hencon has developed a system of diesel vacuum rail mine design (SDVR) for cleaning of drainage grooves. The performance of this system is at least four times higher than the most modern excavator-type shovels used in this operation.

The system includes: locomotive with a manipulator, vacuum cars (up to five), cyclone filter and vacuum unit.

Functional parameters of SDVR
Deutz BF6L 914C, 141 kW
Vacuum pump
Roots type
Air consumption (max)
4800 m³ / hour
Maximum depression
- 90 kPa (sea level)
Filtration system
IVC system
The filter surface area
24 m³
Filter material
Polyether needled membrane
Filtration efficiency
Particles down to 0.3 micron
Vacuum hose, diameter
150 mm
In vehicle network
24 V
Fuel tank capacity
200 l
Length x Width x Height
4495 x 1350 x 1650 mm
7200 kg
Transported material
Friable material and effluent

Underground Vacuum Bin for Underground Mining

Underground vacuum installations are a promising area that Hencon has successfully developed at the enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex of Russia and other countries. Vacuum installations in combination with self-propelled mining vehicles solve many problems inaccessible to other types of equipment. For example, collecting and removing spills of transport conveyors with unloading of the collected material to the conveyor without stopping the process. The vacuum method proved to be very effective in cleaning the draining pits and shaft bottom spillages of vertical shafts. For these purposes stationary vacuum bins with unloading in standard cars are installed near with draining pits. The bins are connected to the vacuum line of the vacuum railing machine and to the portable nozzles with flexible hoses for collecting material.

Functional parameters of Vacuum Bin
880 mm diameter
Vacuum nipple
for Ø150 mm hose pipe with quick-release connection
Version of the cyclone
Integrated to bin’s body, armored in places of max. abrasion injury
Bin capacity
4 m³
The feeding
vibrator for materials grading
Unloading of bin
2 pneumatic gate valves and 2 hand gate valves
Ease of unloading
Ease of unloading
Supports of bin
Vibration-damping springs
Transportation to the place of installation
Bin is divided into several separate parts for ensuring the possibility of delivery to the place of installation and assembly
Energy carrier
The vacuum hopper operates from a 24V network of the vacuum unit, connected to its vacuum line and to air compressor.
Pneumatic equipment
Fluid pressure cylinder of gate valves and sliding valve
Control panel, hermetic / bin fill level sensor
Length x Width x Height
3814x2717x2851 mm
Total weight (net)
4500 kg

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