Tanker 5 Tons

tanker 5 tons

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Tanker 5 Tons Utility Vehicle for Underground Mining

Mobile vehicle for transporting fuels and lubricants and refuelling motor-vehicles in underground mines. Overall design and technical features ensure high maneuverability and reliability of the machine underground in the chemically aggressive environment at temperatures of – 35 °C to +35 °C and relative humidity up to 100%. TransVers Tanker
complies with international safety standards underground conditions. High capacity crane TransVers Tanker is an articulated vehicle with full-time four-wheel drive system. Tank(s), grease drums and dispensing units are on the rear frame.

  • Closed operator cabin with dust air filter
  • Two-stage engine air filter
  • Murphy engine oil-level sight glass instead of  dipstick
  • Quick-release couplings for filling of engine and hydraulic oil
  • Autonomous fire suppression system

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