Handler 4WD4WS

handler 4wd4ws

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Handler 4WD4WS Utility Vehicle for Underground Mining

Mobile vehicle with 7.3 tons capacity crane for auxiliary works in underground mines. The vehicle is designed
for transportation of mine trolleys, recovery of broken, damaged or stripped trackless units on a open cargo
platform in underground mines. TransVers Handler 4WD4WS complies with international safety standards
underground conditions. High capacity crane TransVers Handler 4WD4WS has a rigid frame and
full-time four-wheel drive four-wheel steer system that allows to transport oversized cargo weighing up
to 7 tons and ensures high manoeuvrability and cross-country ability.

  • Closed operator cabin with dust air filter
  • Two-stage engine air filter
  • Murphy engine oil-level sight glass instead of dipstick
  • Quick-release couplings for filling of engine and hydraulic oil
  • Autonomous fire suppression system

Steering control modes:
1. Independent turning of front and rear wheels
2. Counter-steering of front and rear wheels
3. Crab steering

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