Low Profile Cassette Carrier​

low Profile Cassette carrier

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Low Profile Utility Mining Vehicle for Underground Mining

Functional descriptions of the vehicle

• Equipped with world renowned major components ensuring best technology design.
• Full hydrostatic drive thus no requirement for drive shafts.
• The Vehicle is full time 4-wheel drive.
• Operating temperature ranges from: – 300 C to + 450 C.
• Operation possible in high, humidity environments.
• The Vehicle is capable of travelling on roads which are of rock bed surface, covered with rubble or layers of
solidified backfill and material with rocks and potholes.
• The Vehicle is compliant with South African Department of Mineral Resources requirements.
• Complete data logging system to ensure all pre-programmed parameters are controlled and monitored.
• A HENCON Machine Portal is available to monitor the movements of the vehicle at any one time.
• Portal also provides full operating costs and records all service requirements via the data logging system.
• HENCON Mine Utility Vehicles, if operated via a HENCON Service Contract, are proving to be the leaders in
lowest Cost of Operation. Operating hours are exceeding 15 000 without any major component breakdown.
Availability during this full life to date is 95%.
• Many additional options are available e.g. welding machine, pressure washer, compressor.

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