Explosives Transporter

explosives transporter

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Explosives Transporter Utility Vehicle for Underground Mining

Mobile vehicle for transportation of explosives and primers. Overall design and technical features ensure high maneuverability and reliability of the machine underground in the chemically aggressive environment at temperatures of – 35 °C to +35 °C and relative humidity up to 100%. TransVers Explosives complies with international safety standards underground conditions. 

TransVers Explosives is an articulated vehicle with full-time four-wheel drive  system. Trailer contains a container designed to transport explosives into  the mine.

  • Closed operator cabin with dust air filter
  • Two-stage engine air filter
  • Murphy engine oil-level sight glass instead of dipstick
  • Quick-release couplings for filling of
    engine and hydraulic oil
  • Autonomous fire suppression system

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