Badger Utility Mining Vehicle

badger utility mining vehicle

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Badger Utility Mining Vehicle for Underground Mining

The mobile vehicle is intended for comfortable and safe transportation of linear engineering staff in underground mines. Overall design and technical features ensure high maneuverability and reliability of the machine underground in the chemically aggressive environment at temperatures of – 35 °C to +35 °C and relative humidity up to 100%. Hencon Badger complies with international safety standards underground conditions. Badger has a rigid welded construction. Infront part of vehicle there is a compartment for spare wheel and fuel tank. In the middle part there is a passenger compartment with 4 side doors on the left and right side. In the back – engine and luggage compartments. The machine is equipped with front and rear drive axles mounted on a leaf suspension. The driver’s seat is located on the left side.

The machine has four seats with suspension and four safety belts. The driver seat has a 8 parameter adjustments, with good visibility in the working area. The air ventilation system includes a heater and a windscreen demister function. The cabin is equipped with ROPS / FOPS. The machine has a multi-functional display that allows the operator to see all the machine information.

  • Engine compartment air filter
  • Murphy engine oil-level sight glass instead of dipstick
  • Quick-release couplings for filling of engine and hydraulic oil
  • Centralized fire suppression system

Hencon UMV Modular
On the base of UMV Giraffe it is possible to manufacture machines with changeable cassettes for the transportation of fuel, lubricants, personnel, explosives, water delivery, platform for the transportation of cargo with crane or without crane, scissor lift cassette and mobile workshop. Cassettes are installed on the machine with the help of external assistance (crane or any other elevating device).

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